3 Doshas: The Building Blocks of the Universe

Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

Ayurveda is sanskrit for the knowledge of life. It is a 5000 year-old science from India based on holistic modalities that prevent and heal disease. I have been called to study this science in an effort to connect with mis raíces in Curanderismo. The two holistic medicinal systems are closely related. However, unlike Curanderismo which is learned primarily through diverse oral traditions, Ayurveda has a complete canon of literature that is currently being investigated and proven effective through modern science. For this reason, Ayurveda is more easily accessible and a great introduction to herbalism and natural remedies. So, allow me to share everything I learn with you and together, may we create cycles of holistic care and good health.

Let's begin with the 3 doshas -- Vata (air + ether), Pitta (fire + water), and Kapha (earth + water). They are the building blocks of the universe and a combination of them lives inside of everybody. Those with primarily a Vata dosha should carry crystals like agate, pyrite, jade, and howlite to pacify their natural excess of air of ether. Pitta dominant individuals should carry fire pacifying crystals like amethyst, lapis lazuli, rose quartz, and aquamarine. Lastly, those with mostly Kapha should carry tiger's eye, garnet, ruby, and carnelian to help ignite their fire since they are associated with earth and water. There are a plethora of gems that help each dosha, so it's important to know your dosha combination. It can give us a better understanding of our physiology, psychology, and natural physical characteristics. These understandings help determine what kind of lifestyle and which kinds of foods are best for us depending on the season (which is also associated with a dosha). Let us explore this together!

Thank you for being here!