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Alexandra is a self-taught crystal jeweler from East Los Ángeles, California with a mission to live a life of service to their community. She graduated from Brown University where she learned various art forms from videography to life drawing. She was dedicated to returning home to Los Angeles to pursue the dream of creating art while navigating a self-sustainable lifestyle and actively resisting gentrification. The journey fueled a profound passion for becoming a better member of their community in order to serve fellow members by means of gem healing and holistic medicine. In midst of the pandemic, this mujer listened to intuition and began creating crystal jewelry and reconnecting to their roots in herbal medicine. They are currently at Southern California University of Health Sciences completing the Ayurvedic Practitioner program. All of these undertakings have been in an effort to spread natural healing modalities in their local community.
Photo by @takenbygg_


The Spanish word "mujer" comes from the Latin word "mulier" which translates to softer
I think softer like wind rushing by
Softer like clay or malleable metals
melting into armor ♡

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