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The Resurrection Plant

The Resurrection Plant

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·゜゜·  Selaginella lepidophylla ·゜゜·.
·゜゜· Ethically sourced Resurrection Plant from Chihuahua, Mexico ·゜゜·.
This plant is only sold when sourced in abundance. Due to natural harvesting, it may not always be readily available. 
Selaginella lepidophylla is a type of tumbleweed native to the Chihuahuan desert that can survive without water for 7 years. For centuries, shamans and healers have used this plant to create holy water, which is usually poured in front of the home for prosperity and protection. That water can also purify crystals and other non-soluble items. Submerge the plant into a bowl of distilled water and in about 4 hours watch it come back to life. Once the plant is completely green, the water is good to use. Leave the plant out to re-dry and repeat the process as much as you'd like. 
·゜゜· Natural Healing Energy ·゜゜·.
·゜゜· You are supporting a Chicana from Los Angeles, CA ·゜゜·.

 Note: This listing is for only 1 plant.

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